What started as an experimental pass time for an Interior Design student, has now developed into an informative and entertaining webpage, where light is shed on all things creative, inspiring, and related to design…

On a night in November 2010, while stocking up on videos from my favorite YouTube users and checking my Facebook and Gmail accounts, I felt this overwhelming desire to transmit some type of knowledge to the world. It was not the first time I had felt it, as I have started several blogs before due to this desire to reach out to others and show them something new. Coincidentally, the semester I was soon to finish had been very dull, with a very little work load, so although I was in the final rounds of my third semester, I had enough time to dedicate to this new project.

Based on material I saw in class and topics covered by my professors, I started to post on things that I enjoyed and that I felt were interesting or cutting edge in the field of design. Before I knew it, my group of readers began to grow and I decided to expand on more topics, including posts on industrial design, architecture, fashion and photography.

Now, although the focus sill remains on my forte, interior design and decorating, The Design Notebook covers various topics in the world of design and art, to inspire and transmit knowledge to all its readers. Besides expanding my post topics, I also decided to start this webpage so that all my content could be easily accessible in one, organized place, leaving behind my old blog.

As always, my mission is to spread the design love and contribute to this world I behold with such high hopes. My goal is that everyone who enters this page gets something worthwhile from it…

…but you’ll probably like it so much you’ll decide to subscribe to it!


Stacey ♥

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4 Responses to “About”
  1. ohemmawrites says:

    Great job on your website Stacey! I’m definitely inspired. I never knew you were involved in art and had a great taste for design but I learn something new everyday lol Keep up the good work!! I’m definitely looking forward to reading/seeing more of your posts & pictures 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, Queen! This was actually the first blog I set up and I am not posting to it at the moment due to time constraints. However, you can check out my blog Bits of Bliss for periodical inspirational pieces.

      • ohemmawrites says:

        OMG!! I never knew you wrote that blog GIRL. That’s wonderful! I just looked at it and I loveeee it! I also saw it on Facebook but never knew it was yours. Cool!! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Queen! I have also enjoyed my visits to OhemmaWrites and was inspired by your What You Deserve post. =)

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