That Look For Less: Eclectic, Feminine Living Room

After a two week hiatus, I am back with a new “That Look For Less” post, this time giving you tips and pointers on how to emulate a living room with a feminine, fresh and cozy decor. Here’s a picture:





So bright and inviting – and pink! What catches my attention about this room is the originality of it. First off, not many people have pink living rooms, but when they do, they usually incorporate a lot of classic pieces, or hot pink accessories. This living room is definitely not trying to imitate Paris Hilton’s LA mansion, and even includes elements of shabby chic decor. Now, let’s find out how to steal this look!

This dark khaki sofa looks subtly pink. $399.99 at

A dark khaki, complementing occasional chair. $249.99

This sofa, also from, has a softer look.

I found a really nice Louis 16th Style accent chair online at $550 at The downside is it has dark wood, and that would completely clash with the light colored furniture. This can be solved by painting the wood a lighter color.

Moving on to the wicker and wood decorations, I really like this light colored magazine basket, that goes perfectly well with the room. Pier, $34.98

This box made from Water Hyacinth makes great decor, as seen in the model living room! Pier $25.

This heart shaped basket would look great with some artificial flowers sticking out., $60

This arrangement of artificial hydrangeas in a ceramic pot looks great in this living room. $24

This small arrangement of pink hydrangea and crab apple in a metallic white box is adorable. $19.99.

This set of 4 18" pink and white frangipani would make a great accent for the center table. $89.99

This soft 10" pink vase would hold the frangipanis perfectly., $25.95

This bamboo roll up shade from is very similar to the one in the living room and is priced at $56.

I found this painting at for $44.99 and I think it goes great with the decor!

As for the table lamp, I found this one for $14.06 at


This throw pillow I found at goes great with the pink theme. $30.


Another pretty floral pillow for your pink couch, $39.99


China cabinets, unfortunately, tend to be expensive. One of the lower priced I could find that had a similar feel to the one in our living room was this white china cabinet at $700 from



I hope this post was helpful and gave you some useful suggestions.


None of the companies mentioned in this post are compensating me for showing their products. All the products are available online as of the date this post is published. I can not guarantee that they will be there in the future.


Image Sources: unfinishedwoodofwilmington, Sears, Amazon,,,,,, Target, Centro Architecture,



2 Responses to “That Look For Less: Eclectic, Feminine Living Room”
  1. Ciara says:

    I love your That Look For Less, I want to change my entire livingroom look, I have a pic of a style I saw on line, but I have no idea how to achieve this look for less, I can email the picture if you have any suggestions, will be most appreciated,!

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