That Look For Less: Lenny Kravitz’s Black & White Room

I was scouring through pictures of celebrity homes today and came across a wonderfully surprising bit: Lenny Kravitz (yes, the rocker) has an interior design firm. This is new knowledge to me, since I am not a die hard Kravitz follower, although I do know who he is and like some of his music. And, even more news: he has a great eye for interior style. Just look at this picture of a sitting room designed by his firm:




Very Retro Chic! Kravitz has an album due this August titled Black and White America… wonder if those are his favorite colours?

Anyhow, here are a couple of items you can pick up to get a Kravitz’ inspired sitting room:



Although this lamp is not as voluminous as Lenny Kravitz', it has a similar shape and style. Target, $29.99.



This lamp would go great with the damask theme. Target, $16.99.



This glossy decorative side table I found on is cute and claims to be just $25.



Some statement wall art for your room, $39.99



Another wall art option at, $29.99.



This 7'9" x 10'6" area rug is actually whiter than it looks. Walmart $320.



French-style or Louis style chair, $164.99.



I found this black and white french style chair on from $429.95.


One small tip: only paint your walls black if your space is well illuminated and big in size.

Also, none of the people, brands or places mentioned in this post are compensating me for the mention.

The french-style, louis XVI furniture is very difficult to find and usually steeply priced, so I’m sorry if the two chairs I mustered up seem only half decent. Keep looking! I’ve known people who have bought $60 antique Bergere’s at flea markets!


Picture Sources: A212, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kaboodle


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