That Look For Less: Cozy Soft Green Bedroom

Today, this “That Look For Less” post is not taken from a celebrity home; instead it is inspired on a soft green bedroom I found on that is very neutral and inviting. Here is the picture:






Here is what you can buy to get this look:



This queen bed from is very similar in color and style to the one in the picture. $209.00



This is one option for the comforter from Bed Bath and Beyond's online store. At $99.99 queen sized, this alternative adds a different texture to the bedroom.




This green quilt with a decorative vine is a much darker green than the one in the bedroom, but matches very well with the rest of the green decor., $44.95




This waffle-textured green coverlet is perfect! $49.88




These green curtains are similar to the ones in the bedroom. Walmart, $19.96



This sage, velvet accent chair is a great alternative for the seating in the bedroom., $179. PS: This chair is available at Target in a deeper green for a similar price.



This dark sage sitting chair adds flair to your room. $279 P.S.: This chair is available in a deeper green (like the curtains in the bedroom) for a similar price.



Ottoman at $69.99



This gorgeous printed accent chair can add an interesting touch to your bedroom. &299



Two piece, leather ottoman set for your green bedroom. $62.98,


The Chasca console table is a great imitation of the end table beside the bed. Pier 1, $199.95




Mosaic silver picture frame to spruce up your space. Pier 1 $19.95.



Chrome finished picture frames for your fabulous wall art! $19.00 for two.



These toss pillows would make a great accent piece. I personally recommend the white one., $24.99 e.



These ivory vases are the closest I could get to the ones in the bedroom. Pier 1, $69.95 upwards.



This table lamp fits well with the decor and is very similar to the one in the original bedroom. $15.00.



Picture Sources:,,,, FreshHomeZine



None of the companies mentioned in this post are paying me to place their names here, all opinions of what looks best are my own. All the items that I posted here are available online as of the moment that this post was published. I can not promise that they will be available in the future.




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