Pretty Pink Patio

I live in a city without seasons. It’s the same temperature all year round where I live, and that temperature is between 50-64 degrees Farenheight (about 15-20 degrees Celsius) – pretty chilly! It’s definitely not as cold as a NY winter, but it’s usually not hot enough as to wear shorts or lounge around an outdoor pool.

Being from NYC, and keeping in touch with my friends from back home, it’s a bit odd when summer strolls along in NY and I’m talking to my friends online and they tell me they just came out of their backyard pool; or I’m on Facebook and everyone is updating their statuses about coming back from the beach. So, it is a bit nostalgic when summer arrives in NYC and I’m not there shopping for summer clothes, going to my friends’ houses and cruising around town with the A/C on.

So, today I threw some of that nostalgia into this post about patios and outdoor spaces. Why pink? Because I was picturing myself in the backyard sipping some pink lemonade with a pink swimsuit on, feeling very girly and feminine. So, here are some stellar ideas for a femininely fantastic outdoor retreat:

A rosy creature that will probably add a great touch to your patio pinkness and amaze your guests at the same time!

Picture Sources: HouseBeautiful Kaboodle Orange and Blossom Etsy Houzz AmaroniToday DecorPad HoneyHouses Pizzazzerie Kizingoni Beach Chizwa Catster


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