I want to introduce to you a new section of this blog purposely created to take you “behind the scenes” of what happens in the design process involved in an interior design project. This is a great place to check out if you’ve always wondered how, we, interior designers work, or if you want to get into this field, but haven’t had the opportunity to go to design school or get a closer look at the profession.

As with most everything that I post for you guys, I would LOVE to hear from you! There is nothing more valuable to a designer than feedback and constructive criticism on their work! So, for example, if you like something from one of my projects but you think it would be better incorporated in a different way, don’t be scared to say so! Life is a continuous learning process.

So, to start right away with my posts, I want to show you a project I am currently working on for one of my classes. It is an ArchiCad model of a bedroom, vestier, adjacent bathroom, and its cozy nook. I have not handed this in yet and I haven’t finished it either, but that’s the idea, you guys get to see some of the process behind it. I hope to put up the final images of the finished room by the end of this week… but meanwhile go ahead and check out my digital room tour for my luxury bedroom here.

NOTE: I will probably post many projects that I do for school and for clients in this section, and I want to let you know beforehand that I am by no means trying to show off or brag about my projects, my designs or anything that I create that I post here. This section is meant for educational purposes and for me to shake off my shyness and put myself out there for feedback and constructive criticism. I am, like most, always learning and evolving in this medium, so I definitely don’t consider myself an expert who knows it all!

Thanks for stopping by!



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