Art & Design Fair

Over the weekend I attended a much anticipated design convention that opened up in my town on Friday. It basically gathered a couple of locally well-known design companies so they could exhibit their products and design concepts. One of the fun things about this design expo was that it was located in an old monument that had been closed to the public for about 50 years! Talk about making history!

Some of the trends that I noticed at this design fair were the use of synthetic materials (especially resins and plastics), a lot of pop art influence, leather, and metals (especially on chairs, and some tables). Here are some of the pictures I snapped at the fair:

That’s a small collection of images of the things I saw at the fair. The Buddha was something that grabbed my attention a lot, as I LOVE anything shiny and flashy, and recently a friend taught me something really neat about the interpretation of Buddha in statues. The chandeliers were another item that I can’t get out of my head. They are just so sophisticated and luxurious, especially in the fake dining room setting that they were installed in.

Hope you guys enjoy this quick update/ review on the design expo. Are there any expos/ fairs/ conventions going on in your town at the moment?


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