Spool Furniture

As some of you know, I’m working on the design of two friends’ apartment at the moment, and I’ve been diligently coming up with details for the design proposals. My friends have a good sense of style and have a good idea of what they want, so thinking up ideas for their apartment is no problem at all, as three heads think better than one.

One of the things that they are crazy about incorporating into their design is recycled furniture, and in particular furniture made from big, industrial spools (the ones used for rolling up industrial wire and the like). So, as I research ideas for making these spools fit into their hindu – bar themed living room area, I want to share this “outside-of-the-box” idea for all of you who might want to try this at home *wink*.

My favorite recycled spool is probably a tie between the pretty, blue and yellow, ceramic, mosaic spool or the sophisticated, upholstered and painted spool at the beginning of the post.

Would you dare use spools as furniture in your home? How would you decorate your “spool furniture”?

2 Responses to “Spool Furniture”
  1. Lauren says:

    Hi there. Love your spools. Wondering if you could tell me what material you use for the edging on the table in your last picture, the stained wood with metal edging.


    • Hi Lauren! The spools in these pictures are not my projects, but examples that I found on the web on the concept of using spools as furniture and decoration.

      I looked back at my sources and found that the name of the item is Interlude-Home-Waterbury-Spool-Side-Table-in-Chestnut, so if you look it up on Google you might find some additional information about it.

      Thanks for commenting!


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